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Reasons behind the huge growth of cosmetic surgery

Reasons behind the huge growth of cosmetic surgery 

Over the last 2 years, surgical and non-surgical instruments associated with cosmetic surgery saw a huge growth of over 8.5% which is again likely to grow post-pandemic. The amount of surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures performed within the US in 2018 shows a 2% increase from 2017 in total cosmetic Surgeries. There have been 1.8 million cosmetic surgical procedures performed in 2018 which is up by 1% from 2017. the highest five cosmetic procedures were breast augmentation/Silicone implants (up by 4%), body contouring (up by 5%), rhinoplasty (down by 2%), eyelid surgery (down by 1%), and abdominoplasty (unchanged).

ASPS Data also shows facial rejuvenation procedures continued to ascertain healthy growth while 2018 marked the very best number of Botox processes so far , with over 7.3 million injections. Tumor removal procedure is among the highest reconstructive procedures performed per annum with approximately 4.5 million procedures performed in 2018. Breast augmentation procedures still are the highest cosmetic surgery and are the highest since 2006. Silicone implants were utilized in over 85%, and saline implants in over 10% among all breast augmentations procedures performed in 2018.

Reasons behind the healthy growth of cosmetic/plastic surgery

The demand for cosmetic and minimally invasive procedures is growing not only within the US but also globally thanks to women as they alone accounted for over 84% of patients associated with face lift . face lift mostly focuses on body augmentation methods while on the opposite hand, cosmetic surgery mainly focuses on reconstruction of damaged tissues caused thanks to cuts, burns or traumatic events. Latest technology like laser tech is additionally one among the prime drivers behind the impressive growth within the minimally invasive cosmetic surgeries. Let’s see the highest reason behind the steady growth behind the rising utopia of plastic and face lift .

Social Media and mobile devices: With the rising number of social media platforms and increasing scope of mobile devices has allowed more users to flock to those platforms for entertainment purposes. and therefore the new-generation youths are finding it quite easier to screen themselves up ahead of billions of users within the digital arena. Selfie-obsessed culture is that the new norm in today’s life and young folks, both men and ladies , are primary driving catalysts to make an outsized base for the plastic surgeons.

Fading social stigma: cosmetic surgery got successful by the rising social stigma within the previous era when digital phases were least engaged with and therefore the launch of 4G solutions, it's increasingly hard to cover scars made by cosmetic surgery while it also made people comfortable to beat the stigma and face the truth of cosmetic surgery .

Cheaper and affordable: During the previous decades, cosmetic surgery was tons expensive thanks to less demand and unpopularity among people. With the rise of awareness and leverage of cutting-edge technology, the procedures are becoming quite cheaper and affordable even for the smallest amount of economic classes also .

Technological edge: People never heard of hair-implants or lasers often 10-15 years ago. While this latest technology is, no doubt, revolutionary but they carry a good range of safety and post-surgical comforts that draws more customers.

Amazing after-effects: People undergoing plastic and face lift , now-a-days, are more self-confident due to amazing results from the procedures which are driving more customers who also are amazed at natural effects post-procedures.

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