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Looking for online examples of cancellation or renewal user interface/UI/UX

I'm specifically building out some stuff around cancellation and renewals within the financial services industry, so examples there would be ideal. However, I always look to startups, particularly SaaS companies, for inspiration as they're generally the most forward-thinking and take the biggest risks.

Would love to see any examples of online flows that include cancellation or renewal of a subscription. Would appreciate a UIDB collection being created, or any submissions being tagged under 'cancellation'.


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Joe Tannorella answered on 15 Jan 2018

Hey Joe,

One company that does cancellation very effectively (seemingly) is Sky.

They have quite a monopoly on the UK television market, but are seeing more and more competition from the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Virgin Media, etc.

Contracts are typically at least 12 months long, and the service ranges anywhere from £10 per month all the way up to £150+. Cancellation for them must be quite a sensitive area, and it looks like they've really invested and tested what works.

I like that they have the live chat option on the page, and in particular I like that the chat option shows even if no agents are available.

I've added 3 examples of this (the entire funnel) to the cancellation UI tag.

Individually though you can find the examples here:


Joe Tannorella answered on 17 Jan 2018

I've just spotted an interesting UI pattern for cancelling a SaaS subscription:

This is from - the user has to enter their password in order to cancel. I REALLY want to see what happens when I do this - I wonder if it asks me to confirm or not? But I don't want to accidentally cancel a core part of the UIDB infrastructure! :)

Here is the cancellation flow for

  1. View current subscription, payment method, and payment date:
  2. After clicking cancel/change, you go to a page that upsells/downsells you:
  3. Finally when you click cancel, you reach this page:

I like how in both examples the route to cancel wasn't hindered by having to call. It was pretty clear how to cancel both services quite quickly.

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