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How can I find more clients as a UX/UI designer?

How can i get order in UI/UX design? I am a web graphic designer and I have a Fiverr, Freelancer, and other accounts... but i didn't get any orders yet. Will you please tell me, how should someone like me get my first order?

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Joe Tannorella answered on 17 Jan 2018

Hi Gopal Roy,

Here are some tips:


Do you have an area of speciality, or do you offer all types of design? When starting out, I would recommend offering just one service and doing that extremely well. You should think about your job as risk reduction wherever possible for your client. As a new designer, there is a risk that your designs are bad; that you don't communicate well; that you won't fit in with agreed timescales; etc. The only way to dispel those fears and risks is by proving them wrong... either by having lots of genuine reviews in the case that you're experienced, or by hitting it head on with your client when any conversation is initiated.

Social profiles

How presentable are your profiles for Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.? These represent your brand (you!), so it's important that you run a spellcheck, ensure any images are appropriate, ensure they're laid out well, etc. The same goes for your Twitter and LinkedIn. I noticed that your Twitter has an avatar of a woman, whereas your Fiverr has that of a man. Why is this?


I never usually condone working for free, but on day 1 when starting out, having the pressures of a genuine client waiting for delivery can be very good. Some people say they'll work for free on a defined project, and ask to be paid "what you think it's work".

Why design?

Why are you doing design? Is it just for the money, or because you genuinely love designing? If you don't like what you do, then you won't ever do it well. If it's just for the money, then perhaps there are more appropriate jobs you should be looking for.

Hope this helps!



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