Question added by Email Services

How to Create a Backup File Microsoft Outlook

If Your System is working properly and you would like to take a backup. There are so many way to take a backup Your Outlook File.

If you have any idea of Outlook email Settings and its Configuration then you can try these steps otherwise you...

Question added by Joe Tannorella

Examples of good two-factor authentication UX/UI where 2FA isn't mandatory?

By "nice", I really mean a flow that isn't too obtrusive, and while not being mandatory, is still exposed to the user prominently. Some companies are too prominent with this, while others offer it but don't make that clear. I'd like to see example...

Question added by gopal roy

How can I find more clients as a UX/UI designer?

How can i get order in UI/UX design? I am a web graphic designer and I have a Fiverr, Freelancer, and other accounts... but i didn't get any orders yet. Will you please tell me, how should someone like me get my first order?

Question added by Joe Tannorella

Looking for online examples of cancellation or renewal user interface/UI/UX

I'm specifically building out some stuff around cancellation and renewals within the financial services industry, so examples there would be ideal. However, I always look to startups, particularly SaaS companies, for inspiration as they're general...

Question added by Joe Tannorella

Which SaaS companies have the best examples of pricing pages?

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