UIDB.io: Hello, world!

Posted on July 28, 2016 by joe

Finally got round to adding a blog to UIDB.io. I’m really excited as to what this means for us in terms of content marketing and generating traffic.

I’ll keep this post brief, but the next few posts on the blog will be as follows:

  • Industry-specific UI articles. For example – “20 examples of UK insurance pricing pages in 2016”, or “Our favourite search filter UI/UX in the travel industry, and why we like them so much”, or perhaps “The 10 most obnoxious popup modals we’ve seen this month so far.”
  • Company-specific feedback articles. For example – “A teardown of [company X]’s pricing table, and 10 things they could do to improve it.”
  • Interviews with designers and developers. For example – “We asked 100 designers how they find their UI inspiration. Here’s what we found.”, or “An interview with AirBnB’s head of interaction design.”

I’ll also be sporadically blogging about the features coming soon to UIDB.

As always… advice, feedback, and a “Hello Joe!” is always very welcome, so please feel free to get in touch.



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