UIDB Development Roadmap 2016

Posted on September 1, 2016 by joe

As a sole founder/developer, I find it really helpful to write down exactly what I need to be coding in the short-term. Doing this means that I can site down and blast through my to-do lists, instead of getting side-tracked on some new shiny feature (and neglecting the inevitable tech debt).

As such, I’m going to list some of the things I’m going to be working on short and mid-term for UIDB. This roadmap isn’t set in stone… and it’ll always be that way. I’d like UIDB to go in whatever direction market feedback takes it in. Additionally, though UIDB is a product that I regularly use and get a tonne of value out of myself, I still don’t truly know if I’ve found my product/market fit. Time will tell.

On that note, if you’d like to influence this roadmap then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email ([email protected]) or Twitter (@UIDB_io). I’d love to hear feedback, feature suggestions, partnership/advertising requests, and everything else you have to say!

I’m tagging each of the below by a broad category to show what the purpose is.

Big chunky developments

  • Implement HTTPS – speed
  • Move to HTTP2 – speed
  • Integrate with Algolia for real-time and autocompleted search – product + UX + speed
  • Search results based on industry/business type (e.g. SaaS, Ecommerce store, etc.) – product + UX

Needs to be done next

  • Enabling “search by domain” functionality – product + UX
  • On the ‘add UI’ page, check via AJAX in real-time if the inputted URL has previously been added to UIDB – product + UX
  • SEO optimised search results pages – marketing (note to self, 301 old style URLs)
  • Add a “view all tags” page – product
  • Save Twitter avatars instead of hotlinking – speed + tech debt
  • Audit Mixpanel events. Do any need to be added? – analysis
  • Add hover container on each example to allow easy favouriting and direct link clicks to said example – product + UX

Nice to haves

  • Improve the blog layout designs. E.g. add “about the author” on single blog post, include sidebar, improve post header, etc. – product + design
  • Enable cross-platform tag lookups. E.g. search for WP blog posts with tag ‘pricing-table’ from within the Laravel frontend – useful for cross-promoting relevant articles – product
  • Add .active class to user profile currently active page – product + design
  • Lazy load images and add a nice CSS animation onload (flip?) – product + design
  • Additional ‘view by’ options, e.g. grid/one-at-a-time – design
  • Add “Follow us on Twitter” to signup/onboarding flow – product
  • Implement a proper cachebuster (not manual!) – tech debt
  • Favicon – design
  • Add loading spinner when example loading in modal – design
  • Create a proper sitemap for all examples/collections/users – tech debt + product + marketing
  • Create [email protected] email address – marketing
  • Integrate webhook between Mixpanel and Mailchimp – marketing + UX + tech debt
  • Enable pagination while keyboard navigating – product + UX
  • Indicate if no more results left while keyboard navigating – product + UX

Please get in touch if you think I should add/remove anything from this list.



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